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No Dig Drain Repair

Experienced no dig drain repair specialists covering Surrey and the South East of England
Using our no-dig repair methods we use the latest technology and equipment to reline and repair your cracked drainage pipes, eliminating the need for excavation and saving you money, time and disruption.

Drain Relining:

  • Step 1 - We use our CCTV drain survey technology, so our experts can inspect and assess the extent of the damage to the pipes.
  • Step 2 - Next we flush the pipes through using our high-pressure water jets to prevent any obstructions and clear the pipe of any debris. If there are any tree roots we use a robotic cutter to deal with this problem.
  • Step 3 - The pipes are re inspected to check all obstructions have been cleared.
  • Step 4 - Installation of the lining can then begin by gently feeding the liner through the pipework, covering the damaged section and then use an inflated airbag to shape it to the internal walls.
  • Step 5 - After a short amount of time the resin will cure and harden, which creates a new pipe within the pipe! The inflated airbag is then deflated and removed.
  • Step 6 - Final inspection, using our high quality CCTV equipment to check the damaged drain is now fixed and working perfectly.

Drain Repair

We are experts in drain repairs and provide fast and efficient drain repair solutions. We use different methods such as the no-dig repair method, where we are able to re-line most of your drainage pipes without the cost, mess and time associated with open-cut excavation. If you choose to replace the drain, rather than repairing it, we’re equipped for that too. Our team can replace the faulty drainage section with quality replacement parts.

Benefits of no-dig drain repairs:

  • Cost effective
  • Reduced disruption because no excavation needed
  • Time efficient because the process can take only a few hours to complete
  • Helps water flow with a low-friction surface.
  • Protects & repairs pipes

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